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I have been connected to the Vedic teachings for as long as I can remember.  I’m a Houston, TX  native and have been living in the Aspen, CO area since 1989. As a little girl I remember naming my first dog from the shelter “AM”. An unusual choice my family thought!  I made up a little poem: I am what I am, I am AM!

In Vedic teachings I AM is the distillation of our existence!

Years later I faced some health and relationship challenges that caused me to become very curious, determined and interested in understanding my dharma (purpose) in life. I quickly connected with Ayurveda and Meditation as I had dabbled in these interests for years.

Candice Claire MeditatingSynchronistically I was given a gift that took me to the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA where I was taught Primordial Sound Meditation and Perfect Health (an ayurvedic lifestyle class) while experiencing Pancha Karma (an ayurvedic cleanse).

Troubling issues did not instantly go away.

I struggled with meditation but had learned enough in the Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation course not to give up!  Six months later I attended a Chopra event in Whistler Canada entitled “Seduction of Spirit” which is an in depth Primordial Sound Meditation course/retreat.  It was at the end of that event that I very tentatively chose to leave my old career as an advertising sales rep behind and embrace a career path that filled me with purpose and gratification!

In 2010 I became a Chopra Certified Instructor for Primordial Sound Meditation.

On the last evening of the certification process we had a book discussion on Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination – an important book on Vedic Philosophy that talks about advaita or nonduality.

The Chopra Center’s lead instructor said the swan was the “logo” for advaita.

SwanI was moved because in my very first meditation with my Primordial Sound mantra an image of a swan appeared! In Sanskrit (ancient vedic language) the word for swan is Hamsa. Sages would meditate with this word and it became known as the So Hum mantra (repeating hamsa over and over takes on the sound of so hum).

Synchronistically, so hum means I AM in Sanskrit!

My image brought me full circle to when I was a little girl naming my puppy Am and was further indication that Vedic teachings are my dharma.

I followed my Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor certification with a  Perfect Health – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor certification from the CHOPRA CENTER.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching others by using the oldest and most effective and natural healing system on the planet – Ayruveda!

As I continued on my path and healing crisis of my own, I discovered the power of therapeutic grade essential oils.

They drew me more deeply into my dharma and I completed two certification courses in Aromatherapy.  The pure essential oils provide profound healing on a physical, psychological and spiritual level with the added benefit of always smelling delightful!

I’m passionate about helping others connect with these ancient healing practices that make more sense than ever in todays’ toxic world.  I love teaching classes and working as a coach with individuals helping them to cultivate a Primordial Sound Meditation practice, use the Ayurvedic Lifestyle principles, and Aromatherapy to stress less, find more meaning in their lives, lose weight, sleep better and improve their well being. I continue to educate myself by studying and working with mentors.

 Courses Completed/Certifications*:

Certified Floracopeia Aromatherapist, Essential Oils Specialist

  • Floracopeia’s course on skin care
  • Healthier Hormones Ayurveda course by Dr Claudia Welch and Cate Stillman
  • Floracopeia’s Aromatherapy Foundations Certificate Program* taught in the context of Ayurveda
  • Completed Yoga Healer’s courses in Body Thrive, Yogi Detox, and Healthier Hormones
  • Sacred Om course taught by Sarah Wergin using a tuning fork to the vibration of OM
  • Mentored with  Dr. Claudia Welch, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, and the author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness Through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Science. Dr. Welch lectures internationally on Oriental and Ayurvedic medicines and Women’s Health, bringing a depth of knowledge and a sense of joy to her presentations.
  • *In process with a Yoga Health Coach certification with Cate Stillman/Yoga Healer

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Candice Claire Ayuredic Lifestyle Coach & Certified Chopra Meditation InstructorCandice Claire Oksenhorn is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and Chopra Certifies Perfect Health – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor. Candice is also fluent in the benefits of aromatherapy and essentials oils and is a FLORACOPEIA certified AROMATHERAPIST. Candice Claire lives in Aspen, Colorado and is available for sessions in person throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale  and Glenwood Springs, or by phone.

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