How Can Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Treatments Improve Your Well-being?

Essential OilsOne heals through the senses ( smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight) according to Vedic philosophy.  The most immediate and powerful method of healing is through the olfactory system – sense of smell. The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the limbic brain (emotional center); therefore, one can experience immediate results by the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

You can improve your mood by diffusing certain essential oils in your environment and be free from side affects!

In Ayurveda, our mind/body constitutions are composed of the 5 elements that make up everything – earth, water, fire, air, and space. Using the context of Ayurveda and the five elements when selecting which essential oils are best suited for an individual’s specific dosha is much more accurate than assuming we’re all alike!

For example:

  • When balancing a fiery condition, one would avoid “hot” essentials and instead use calm/cooling ones.

There are many ayurvedic treatments using essential oils.

  • One of the most important is a daily massage (abhyanga in Sanskrit).  The sense of touch combined with aromatherapy is fantastic in balancing the mind as well as stimulating the lymphatic system.
  • Moving into the spiritual realm, Ayurveda suggests using the spirit essential oils such as frankincense, sandalwood, and/or palo santo to enhance meditation and connection to universal consciousness.  It’s also suggested to balance our energy centers (chakras in Sanskrit) with essential oils, colors and sound vibrations.

Which Essential Oils Are the Most Important

to Have in Your Home Pharmacy?

The remedies of aromatherapy are vast and many!

There are 6 essential oils that I believe everyone should have in their home pharmacy:

LAVENDER is ideal for burns, relaxing, calming.  This oil has cooling, relaxing and calming properties.

Another unique and singular lavender from Floracopeia’s apothecary, an organically cultivated variety from Bulgaria, is strong and assertive in its aromatic profile.

Lavender Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
TEA TREE is wonderful for cuts and funguses.  It’s great for cleaning wounds and killing germs.

Floracopeia’s certified organic and extremely high quality tea tree oil from southern Africa, with powerful therapeutic qualities.

Tea Tree Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Treatments
HELICHRYSUM  is a terrific all around wound healer.  It’s great for bruises or any blood pooling issues. It’s one of the most versatile of the oils!

Helichrysum is cosmetically and therapeutically unparalleled in its ability to support cell regeneration and tissue healing.

This is a combination of four helichrysum oils (H. gymnocephalum, splendidum, italicum, odoratissimum) that are distilled for Floracopeia.

Helichrysum-blend Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Remedies
JATAMANSI is the number one essential oil for insomnia when lavender isn’t cutting it!  It’s also very profound on the spiritual level and one will most probably dream a lot with this one!

This dark green Himalayan spikenard oil, also known as jatamansi oil, is distilled from sustainably harvested roots gathered from community forests in Nepal.

Jatamansi Essential Oils for Aromathery Applications
LEMON is a great antiseptic and wonderful in cleaning formulas and diffusing to freshen the air.

A high quality organic lemon oil from southern Africa, with a very fresh and clean citrus aroma.

Lemon Essential Oils from Floracopeia
EUCALYPTUS is excellent for respiratory issues including colds and allergies.

Distinguished by a crisp, clean fragrance note, Eucalyptus radiata, or narrow leaf eucalyptus, is a cooling natural support for the upper respiratory system.

 Eucalyptus-radiata Essential Oils from Floracopeia

FRANKINCENSE, PALO SANTO or SANDALWOOD are the sacred oils lovely for  meditation as well as calming anxiety.

It’s important to be familiar with the safety guidelines in using essential oils in your home pharmacy.

Are you ready to find the perfect combination

of essentials oils just for you?

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Candice Claire Ayuredic Lifestyle Coach & Certified Chopra Meditation InstructorCandice Claire Oksenhorn is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor. In addition to providing Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching services and Chopra meditation classes, Candice is fluent in the benefits of aromatherapy and essentials oils and is a  FLORACOPEIA certified AROMATHERAPIST. Candice Claire lives  in Aspen, Colorado and is available for consultation via Skype as well as in person throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale and Aspen Colorado.

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