Ayurveda (science of life) teaches that our healthy daily habits in themselves are a spiritual practice! Having rituals that create and maintain health are a necessary foundation to evolve. When you think about it our bodies are filled with channels (nadi’s in Sanskrit) 72,000 to be exact. Just like when your sink is clogged it can’t drain. In fact, stuff you were wanting to get rid of comes back up and you certainly can’t put more in until you resolve the clog. Apply this concept to your body, mind and spirit and those 72,000 channels flowing through it all and you can see the importance of keeping those channels clear. Our habits are the tools to clean and clear the channels so consciousness can flow freely!

Our current culture and social protocols actually have gotten away from supporting our bodies/minds to entrain with their natural rhythms causing all kinds of chaos, mental and physical illness. This is why I’m so passionate about reconnecting with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Our habits make us who we are. If we practice habits of eating a poor quality diet, going to bed too late, and being too busy we are accelerating our aging process and degrading our experience of joy. Dinacharya is the Sanskrit word for daily habits in Ayurveda and as I mentioned before, necessary self care practices.

What are these habits? I’ll list 3:

1.Eating our biggest meal while the sun is shining brightly (even if it’s     behind a cloud!), and a very light evening meal preferably before 6pm.

  1. Meditating to allow our mind field to process all of 60,000+ thoughts it has daily.
  2. Starting your morning with warm water.

There are more! All of them are designed to clear out what is not needed and is blocking the free flow of energy and information in our channels and putting in clear, evolutionary life force energy (prana in Sanskrit) so we can experience a more blissful life.

It’s a nice reminder that an underlying reason we are committed to these habits is to align with joy, peace and clarity in our lives. This is why the ancient wisdom tradition of Ayurveda prescribes the daily habits as a spiritual practice. As we dance with experimenting what eating earlier and lighter looks like, how to meditate and get used to drinking warm water, we first may see the disorganization in our lives! This at times may seem like a deal breaker; however, remembering to take small incremental steps will build our castle of freedom! Freedom comes from discipline and healthy habits. Also, being in integrity with yourself may look different than someone else’s experience. This pulsation of where we want to go, the ideal, and where we are and what’s doable in this moment, the real, is something we want to be very aware of and use this as our personal gauge. It is a journey! What are your thorns and roses?

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