A regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice can help you to decrease stress and increase creativity!

Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra meditation practice based on an ancient Vedic tradition using a personalized mantra (instrument for the mind) based on one’s birth information in conjunction with the moon.

Meditation is a technique used to “digest” our thoughts and experiences. In the yoga tradition it’s referred to as Raja Yoga or the royal path.  It’s the most important yoga to achieve self-evolution and enlightenment.

Primordial Sound MeditationSimply speaking, it has scientifically proven benefits to our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Mental illness and stress are chronic in todays’ world because people neglect this extremely important inward time to allow detachment from our thoughts, which ultimately create our reality. The Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation course gives you a solid foundation to begin a regular practice.

You may notice transformations in the first few weeks of meditating!

People who meditate regularly can experience many positive transformations in their life such as less stress, improved health, better relationships, more fulfilling careers and happiness.

Primordial Sound Meditation Can Be Done

Almost Any Time and Anywhere!

I’ve meditated on planes, in a parking lot while while my daughter was in ballet class, in hotels and of course at home in a special meditation space I created for just this purpose!

It’s simple yet so many resist doing it.

Again, the Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation course will help you know how to make this practice stick so you may realize the many positive benefits.  As your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, I will help you with your meditation as well as other Ayurvedic time tested wisdom practices.

Ready to Get Started?

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Candice Claire Ayuredic Lifestyle Coach & Certified Chopra Meditation InstructorCandice Claire is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and Chopra Certified Perfect Health – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor. Candice Claire is also fluent in the benefits of aromatherapy and essentials oils and is a FLORACOPEIA certified AROMATHERAPIST. Candice Claire lives in Aspen, Colorado and is available for sessions in person throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale  and Glenwood Springs, or by phone.

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