A few months since the first class, the benefits of meditation have been very apparent in my daily life!

With a little bit of faith and dedication to the practice (twice daily) I have gained emotional stability and patience at my job, in social and family situations and a keen spiritual awareness all around.

Meditation has helped me heighten my consciousness and develop the ability to manifest positive changes in my lifestyle beneficial also to the people I am involved with.

Candice’s teaching takes seemingly complex existential information and transforms it into malleable knowledge that’s easy to apply to your own life! —Patrick Semple

Candice is wonderful and puts ease into explaining a rather profound experience…a journey worth exploring. —Bernadette Regan

Dear Candice,

Thank you for offering the valuable Chopra Institute Primordial Meditation Class, and for your professionalism and grace.

You provided a lovely and tranquil atmosphere, replete with delicious snacks and soup, which was most supportive of the experience.

I feel that your wisdom, depth of knowledge, and presentation was quite comprehensive and even though I have studied meditation from several different traditions and have had my own practice for many years, I believe that the information and material you provided definitely enhanced my understanding as well as my current practice.

I would strongly recommend your class to others, both for seasoned practitioners as well as beginners, and am happy for you to pass my enthusiasm along– to perspective students and to the Chopra Institute, for which I have deep respect, as a testimonial of my positive experience.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon, as I thoroughly enjoyed our group meditation and hope to have future opportunities for meditation gatherings.

Candice, well done!

With gratitude and affection, Luann Robinson Hull


Dear Candice,

At my mid-life age, you’d think that I long ago would have
incorporated meditation into my life, but until we took the Primordial
Meditation classes with Candice, I had just never been able to stick
with it.

I’m a perfectionist, and always want to do things, “just exactly
right”. That’s wonderful, but I’m also a completely fallible human who
can sometimes demonstrate the learning curve of a barnyard chicken. I
would always feel like nothing but the spurious thoughts of “monkey
mind” were mostly present while I meditated, with only glimpses of
whatever it was that I was supposed to be feeling. That was always a
big question; “Am I doing this right?” The Primordial Meditation as
taught by the Chopra Centers, and teachers such as Candice, FOR THE
FIRST TIME, helped me feel like even I was “doing it right”! Enough to
continue at the very least, and you know what? Real benefits started
showing up.

Somehow, completely painlessly and organically, areas of pessimism and
disinterest in my life have somehow come more into my focus and
attention, bringing greater order and organization to my life.
Longstanding physical issues are being addressed by this meditation.
What; how could that be, you might ask?

I have had a twisted portion of my biceps, which has been causing me
discomfort and loss of mobility to the point I was wondering if I
would have to get it surgically repaired? As a Massage Therapist, this
has been a source of great consternation to me; “Physician, heal
thyself”, came to mind. Over three separate meditation sessions,
insights on ways I might treat it differently came to mind, and as a
result; a muscle which had been in state of partial contraction for
over 8 month’s has now been restored to a functional arm. I would
wonder why the exact area would throb and hurt, much of the time while
in meditation? Sometimes when not even in meditation yet, but making
preparation to begin meditating? Now, I wonder if higher powers are
being accessed? Do intelligences we are completely unaware of, somehow
diagnose our bodies; illuminate our minds to new treatments and
possibilities; and treat and heal us through the process of
meditation? I don’t know; but what I do know is that a physical body
part of mine which had been giving me pain and issues for over half a
year is now completely relaxed, and “normal”. I never expected that in
a million years. If the intelligence of the Universe is available to
me through Meditation, I’m never going to stop.

So I ask you, do YOU think I benefitted from the Primordial Meditation
Class? Hmm 🙂

Michael Yoder
Soothing Touch Massage

“Candice was phenomenally able to condense three hours of lecture into 15 minutes, hitting the high points and yet thoroughly explaining how to meditate without trepidation. I know. I’ve been  practicing for eight plus years. But I can’t teach it as fluidly as this ! She can put a beginner at ease or inspire a seasoned seeker . If she had always been my teacher, I’d already  be living in a state of samadhi.

Janetta Fleming
Nashville, Tennessee


Thank you so much for such a great class! You put so much effort into it and I appreciate it. It is life changing for me. I am glad that I finally signed up because I have been “thinking” about it for years. You are a great teacher, you are well spoken, clear and beautiful.  I had an intuition to take the class, I had no idea what to expect and had no expectations. I loved every minute of the class and I got so much out of it. Candice is an excellent teacher and taught in a way that I understood everything. She made us the BEST soup on earth that felt so right for the class and was so good. She is beautiful to look at and I would take another class from her in a heartbeat.

Thank you again. It was such a treat to be able to do this class.
Heidi B.
Aspen CO
Thank you so much for the informative generous afternoon. I could truly listen to you for hours. It is easy to see how passionate you are about what you teach and have to offer. I am honored and filled with gratitude to participate. Thank you!
Mona L.
Aspen CO
Hi Candice,
We truly enjoyed our time working with you. You made us feel comfortable from the minute we walked in your door. We were admittedly a bit apprehensive but you were so welcoming, friendly and overflowing with positive energy. We are both excited for new ‘identities’! In fact, J*** is reading about Deepak Chopra right this minute. We have both felt lighter since our two sessions with you. I would love to continue our studies, in some way.  It was an enlightening few hours that will impact our lives.
Best regards,


Hi Candice,
Thank you again for your support on our last 2 individual calls. The first conversation set into motion my new mediation practice of sitting with what is, even if my old friends, doubting mind, commenting mind, planning mind, crazy bugging child mind show up. I am able to recognize them for what they are and gradually shift from reactivity towards presence and compassionate receptivity. I’ve actually started to invite them to sit peacefully with me. I have found images of lakes and trees come up- a serene connection to nature brings a sense of calm and connectedness. I loved your offering of the evergreen tree. Finding that place within that is unchanging, always available, and the source of unconditional love and acceptance. You helped me to realize that these mindful friends are assets on my journey. Instead of denying them or pushing them away, each one has value. One of the most amazing gifts of insight that you shared with me was that these mindful friends, especially doubting mind, is informing me that I am stepping into unfamiliar territory. While that can easily lead to an uprising of fear, I am noticing a subtle shift away from fear-based thinking. I have embraced that in my own practice and my teaching and feel a blossoming of deep listening and trust arising with in me. Your reflective and supportive guidance is balanced with personal insights that parallel my experience in a genuine and sincere way.

Deep Gratitude,

Kristen Polzien, NC


Sorry to have missed today’s call – it was at 2.30am.
I did however have a brilliant coaching call with Candice Claire Oksenhorn. Candice, thank you.
My body thrive habits have set in, mostly. A little earlier to bed is still my challenge, as is cannabis use. The kaizen approach has worked with the other habits – but not smoking. Will be going to Thailand on the 20th with my husband for a detox and cold turkey approach.
And developing strategies so I won’t fall into old patterns. The physical addiction is easier to get over than the psychological/ego identity
Just letting you all know I’m really working on it.

Isabelle Danko

“I so enjoyed working with Candice and will continue to do so for as long as she offers and is available.  Her gentle and insightful guidance, based on her wealth of experience, knowledge and compassion helped me tremendously in re-framing perceived barriers, old patterns and beliefs about myself.  She led a 3-week group cleanse that transcended ideas that we need to be perfect or make choices that take us past our threshold and into self-doubt and depletion.  Instead, she helped develop and encourage realistic ways to set goals and build positive momentum, which culminated into feeling awake and vibrant, easing through challenges with confidence, and ultimately creating a container for huge doses of Self-Love. I feel like I’ve taken a giant leap forward!”

Stacey Lasseter

I took the Body Bliss 10 week course because I wanted to learn about the Ayurvedic habits, and how to incorporate them into my life.

Candice is a great and committed teacher who helps you understand how each habit fits perfectly in our lives.

The course is constructed in a way where you get to explore each habit and talk about the results you see when you begin to put them into practice.
It was surprising and rewarding seeing the effect after trying just a few of them.
I learned a lot, and Candice was so supportive and flexible throughout the whole course.
I’m so happy I was able to commit and do it. It’s nice to have all of this knowledge, but also knowing it is still a work in progress.
I’m so happy I did it !
Adria Peralta


2 Responses to Testimonials!

  • Candice is a wonderful being and knows many things of interest about the body. She made me some essential oils and custom did this for me. Her formula was not only very spot on lfor what scent I wanted but if also was made out of the best healthy essential oils without perfume toxic coal tar. It was just what the doctor ordered.
    Kathy Stahlman LAC Ozone doc.

  • Candice is a very in tune with peoples bodies and spiritual essences.
    She made me an essential oil that fit me for what I wanted it for. It was natural and not like the coal tar toxic perfumes. Thank you for my perfect healthy essential oil
    Kathy Stahlman LAC , Ozone doc

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