There are lots of stories being presented on Facebook – mostly pictorial stories that can easily paint a less than accurate picture. One can get the idea that everyone else’s lives are picture perfect and plunge into a depression or one can keep in touch with many who would have been off the radar pre Facebook days. Parents, teachers, and psychologist are overwhelmed and frankly don’t know how to manage this new monster in children’s lives or their own for that matter. I like to look at Facebook with the same lens I view the mind and it’s unruly monkey. Facebook isn’t good or bad, it just is. HOW we relate to it is the important factor. Does it serve us or are we slave to it? There will always be new distractions tempting us from our path. Thank goodness for the practice of meditation!  Through this tried and true practice I’ve learned to apply it to everything in my life! As you cultivate a regular meditation practice in your life you develop more awareness in what’s distracting you – on and off the cushion – and make wiser choices. Personally, I like to use Facebook for connecting with people in courses I’m taking. I like the private forums. I think it’s a fabulous business tool and a great way to connect to those on similar paths. The forums help me to stay focused on task at hand and not go down some rabbit hole that I had no intention of going down! A regular meditation practice also helps one to align with her or his intuition and feeling what’s right and what’s not. I find people are extending their masks on Facebook even more so because they can. This inauthenticity isn’t doing anyone any good. I’m all for putting positive vibes out there as long as the cost isn’t presenting a lie. As spiritual beings in human lives we are meant to experience life and to look into the shadow with courage and curiosity. I have seen such tragedy when people are too afraid to do that and sell themselves short into a picture perfect mask rather than look closely at what lurks behind. It’s the suppression of that shadow that creates a dangerous situation. It’s okay and even important in our evolution to develop the capacity to BE with challenging situations and emotions. Masking emotions sadly is epidemic and even encouraged by many. This can easily change as more people choose to go within and be still with themselves by embracing a meditation practice. We must have tools to navigate this tricky territory which is why Ayurveda, the oldest and truest healing practice on the planet,  provides proven ways to do just that with meditation, yoga, and healthy lifestyle habits that expand us, strengthen us, deepen us and  perhaps most importantly, help us live better with our ego selves! Start learning and deepening these practices for yourself and see how much clearer you become! Join me for a Primordial Sound Meditation class and learn how to establish a lifelong successful meditation practice! I offer courses monthly, the times and dates vary so please call or email. I also offer regular classes and coaching in Ayurveda so one can gain a great foundation of the philosophy and begin incorporating daily practices to help with sleep, diet, relationships, purpose and more!

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