You ARE your habits! By committing to simple ayurvedic habits you can create body bliss. In January 2016 I chose to enroll in the Yoga Health Coach certification program and the prerequisite was, of course, to participate it a 10 week Ayurvedic habits program. I was excited to do this AND was a bit smug as I prided myself in practicing a healthy Ayruvedic dynacharya (daily habits) already! Pleasantly humbled I was! During my 10 weeks with the group I had some unexpected transformations. First of all, focusing on the habits deeply one week at a time with a lesson, an interactive group conversation on FB and a coaching call created a very fertile ground for profound shifts. Here are some of my take aways: 1. Moving my dinner time up before 6pm most of the time with keen awareness on what I was asking my digestive system to process at the end of the day! I had previously been operating on the habit of a healthy organic dinner with family which was my biggest meal and often at 7:30 or 8pm. In order to make that I’d snack late afternoon and eat dinner when I wasn’t even very hungry. In my new habit of earlier lighter dinner and no snacking I had fun creating healthful soups and veggie dishes and posting them on the forum. 2. I used “weeds” such as dandelion greens and thistle in my morning smoothies to add an earth connected intelligence to my day. 3. Even though I’m a pretty educated and dedicated person around organic, healthy food choices, the BT course truly upleveled my eating habits of what, how and when to eat. 4. My vice was enjoying Chardonnay with dinner most evenings. I now RARELY have wine with dinner. This was HUGE! I didn’t expect to do it because I didn’t think it was a big deal but just really wanted to give the 10 weeks my all. I realized that the wine was a habit and now it’s just an occasional choice and I feel better for it! 5. For years my tongue has had little scallops on the edges and was a bit thick indicating pour absorption in my digestive tract. Now the scallops are barely there and the thickness has decreased. All in all, I learned that the immersion keeps me learning and going deeper into my practices – there is no room for smugness because there are always more layers. The group, the coaching calls and the lessons provide a container and context to make evolution faster and easier! I also have awareness which allows for witnessing of my actions on habits I could use more improvement to move towards the balance in my life I desire and the compassion to be gentle with myself. Learning the “kaizen” approach is perfect for making progress in those areas that have lots of resistance☺ Living the habits has given me an even greater confidence that teaching them is of great service to EVERYONE because they help resolve issues by clearing out the toxicity of being out of sync with one’s natural rhythms. I look forward to sharing this wisdom of entraining with natures rhythms in my BODY BLISS course with others and seeing them thrive! Are you ready to up level your habits and blissfully thrive? Schedule a free strategy session to get clear on your goals and commitment to aging better, feeling better and looking your best!

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