Meditation is a practice that can help you become more of who you really are.

The benefits of a regular meditation practice will soon become noticeable to you and those around you.

  • Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence.

Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of your life.

  • It’s about harnessing the power of the mind and shifting its’ identification with the ego and separation to identifying with your more expanded and connected Self.

Silence is the space for happiness, creativity and infinite possibilities! From this field of pure potentiality we get our deepest sense of connection to the Universe.

  • Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows you to weave silence and stillness into your mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment.

Meditation is a journey to the center of our very being; a journey to emotional freedom and a journey to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.

On a Daily Basis, What Can Primordial Sound Meditation Do For You?

 Candice Claire Meditating It can help you:

  • manage stress,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • improve your relationships,
  • create inner peace,
  • awaken your intuition,
  • enhance your sleep patterns,
  • lower your blood pressure,
  • become less judgmental, and connect to spirit.



Primordial Sound Meditation is a Practice That Can Help You More Easily Manifest Your Intentions.

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Candice Claire Ayuredic Lifestyle Coach & Certified Chopra Meditation InstructorCandice Claire  is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor and a Chopra Certified Perfect Health – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor.  Candice is fluent in the benefits of aromatherapy and essentials oils and is a  FLORACOPEIA certified AROMATHERAPIST. Candice Claire lives  in Aspen, Colorado and is available for sessions in person throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Snowmass, Woody Creek, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs as well as by phone.

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